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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bizarre → Breath Control Play Video

Breath control play or scarfing, is the potentially lethal practice of intentionally reducing the amount of oxygen to the brain during sexual stimulation in order to heighten the received pleasure from orgasm.

Video: Download "breath_control_play_video.wmv"

Breath control play (erotic hanging) arose out of the observation that men executed by hanging often got an erection and sometimes ejaculated. It's described in detail in de Sade's "Justine" and is mentioned in Beckett's "Waiting for Godot". Why it works is unclear. The simplest explanation is that lack of oxygen causes lightheadedness, reducing inhibitions and enhancing the sexual experience. Masochistic fantasies, castration anxiety, and other psychological factors no doubt also play a role.

Wiki Article: Breath control play

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.....she should push the box away whilst he's getting his erection before he reaches orgasm. However the rope is not really in a position to asphyxiate him effectively.
2010-04-06 00:16:28

stunning me please next
2010-03-31 17:40:11

2010-03-25 03:34:17

2010-02-26 16:48:13

Whatever Steve.
2010-02-11 12:52:23

This is a movie of MY boi Bo before he began with Men! I am his SIR & he is MY hangmeat boi !! He's alot hotter now and he still belongs to ME, his SIR/STEVE/THETRUMSTR!! ALWAYS WILL!!!
2010-01-22 10:13:59

lol now that's a stupid ass nigga. he was hangging for approx. 15 seconds.
2010-01-17 02:21:29

suck me
suck me ! oh yeaaaah =)
2010-01-12 12:34:54

Thats wonderfull
Plasic bag over his head as well
2010-01-05 13:47:14

She should have gone for his wallet while he was hanging there. Shop at the mall for some decent clothes.
2009-12-20 08:09:57

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