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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bizarre → Breath Control Play Video

Breath control play or scarfing, is the potentially lethal practice of intentionally reducing the amount of oxygen to the brain during sexual stimulation in order to heighten the received pleasure from orgasm.

Video: Download "breath_control_play_video.wmv"

Breath control play (erotic hanging) arose out of the observation that men executed by hanging often got an erection and sometimes ejaculated. It's described in detail in de Sade's "Justine" and is mentioned in Beckett's "Waiting for Godot". Why it works is unclear. The simplest explanation is that lack of oxygen causes lightheadedness, reducing inhibitions and enhancing the sexual experience. Masochistic fantasies, castration anxiety, and other psychological factors no doubt also play a role.

Wiki Article: Breath control play

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Ballbag u made me spit my beer!

2012-07-24 13:36:31

loy loy
weak pa ako
2012-07-23 03:39:27

Wow! This is amazing
2012-07-09 14:27:44

Hmm she should have let him blow in her mouth then swung him around a bit by the nuts. That'd be kewl :P
2012-06-16 07:19:17

Nikolai from Kazan
Now THAT chick is a keeper!
2012-06-08 19:08:02

I totally want to play with these people.
He must be the most lucky guy on earth.
She is a great friend.
2012-05-22 16:50:43

he always wanted to be hung like a black man
2012-05-15 14:30:22

Only one person has left me a e-mail
address and they just want it to talk- a
little-doesn't somebody (male or female)
get off on having a volunteer willing to
let you do this to them for play or
real-I'll supply the noose- and even a
real suicide note! do what ever you want
to me before you hang me by my neck! USA
Arkansas waiting to rope dance for
2012-02-05 07:35:39

The Butcher
You may have heard of my work in Germany Iwannadance2, I get out in 2 years.
2012-02-04 03:38:00

I keep hoping someone will rake my post
seriously and offer to hang me by my
neck-I get a hard on just thinking about
someone making me tie my own "hangman's
noose" and then putting around my neck -
then making me step up on books or a
chair-stool and yanking it out from
under me just to watch me kick. i would
even supply the rope and a suicide note.
But no one seems to believe me.
2012-01-28 04:47:59

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