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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bizarre → Breath Control Play Video

Breath control play or scarfing, is the potentially lethal practice of intentionally reducing the amount of oxygen to the brain during sexual stimulation in order to heighten the received pleasure from orgasm.

Video: Download "breath_control_play_video.wmv"

Breath control play (erotic hanging) arose out of the observation that men executed by hanging often got an erection and sometimes ejaculated. It's described in detail in de Sade's "Justine" and is mentioned in Beckett's "Waiting for Godot". Why it works is unclear. The simplest explanation is that lack of oxygen causes lightheadedness, reducing inhibitions and enhancing the sexual experience. Masochistic fantasies, castration anxiety, and other psychological factors no doubt also play a role.

Wiki Article: Breath control play

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steve UK
Thought it made youre dick hard?He seemed to not have much!
2012-01-28 03:39:57

How romantic
2012-01-14 00:26:05

Hey Iwanttodance!!!!!
Lets play!!!!!!!
But you must love high heels and panties!!! YES I am a woman!!!!!!!
2011-12-06 14:23:05

I love the way the girl wacked him off!!!! she must love cum!!!!!!!!!!
2011-11-29 14:59:06

Ms Strict
I guess david caridance should have done this huh?
2011-11-07 08:06:23

I would love for you to do this to me(I am serious!!!)
Let me know how to make contact.
The thought that you might go for a smoke break before you let me down is making me hard-(if ya gotta go then let me go like this-PLEASE!!
2011-10-29 12:30:36

reincarnated slave masters hhehe
2011-10-20 06:11:36

That just made my weenie tingle!
2011-09-18 04:17:33

wtf no way to let u do that to me è_é but i will fuck u so hardly bitch !
2011-09-06 17:28:57

hentai desu
2011-08-29 08:17:12

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