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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Executions → Nazis at work - hanging a woman (U.S.S.R.; 1942) (Set 3)

This is a pathetic photo image of the execution of the woman by the Nazis.

This is a tribute to the amazing courage of so many women during World War II who were put to death for plotting and fighting against the Nazis, as resistance fighters, partisans and activists in towns and concentration camps. It is estimated that more than 4,000 women of various ages were hanged by Nazi forces between 1939 and 1945.

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Uncle Adolph
Since there was no gasoline to use the tanks I guess thats one of the other better uses that the tank commanders employed :)
2010-01-19 13:54:11

if it's fake then link to the unedited photograph.
2009-12-04 13:16:30

Another Fake
I have a encyclopedia about German tanks and the first Tiger tanks were introduced on battle field in 1943.
2009-11-27 17:00:25

This picture is "with woman".
And I saw the picture "without woman",too.
I think someone added a woman.
2009-11-15 02:47:14

enough fakes charonboat!
yet another obvious fake! enough!
2009-11-11 07:16:43

Все это делали суки-фашисты в моей стране с 1941-1945 года
2009-10-09 11:50:49

This execution in this photo is fake. The actual picture is of an officer addressing the troops. The woman was added in, probably with photoshop.
2009-10-07 05:01:50

Devil fuck the nazis and hitler
2009-09-25 14:55:36

God bless the Nazis and Hitler!
2009-09-22 22:24:58

2009-09-17 14:48:05

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