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Monday, December 3, 2007

Executions → Execution of the Jewish woman by the SS guard woman

This is a pathetic photo image of the execution of the Jewish woman by the SS guard woman in the concentration camp.

During World War II concentration camps were established throughout Europe by the Nazis, and throughout Indochina and Manchuria by the Japanese. Of the millions of people of many nationalities detained in them, a large proportion died of mistreatment, malnutrition, and disease. In both Nazi and Japanese camps inmates were exploited for slave labor and medical experimentation, but the Nazis also established extermination camps. In the best known of these-Majdanek, Treblinka, and Auschwitz, in Poland-more than six million mainly Jewish men, women, and children were killed in gas chambers. Among the most notorious Nazi camps liberated by U.S. and British troops in 1945 were Buchenwald, Dachau, and Belsen.

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2010-03-25 19:18:46

looks like my ex neighbour carol,she was hot too.
2010-03-25 19:18:13

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2010-03-25 19:17:37

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2010-03-25 19:17:00

eric :}}}}
damn hot
2010-03-25 19:16:24

enemy group
loved it several times ;)
2010-03-25 19:15:36

frank bishop
fuck hitler and fuck the german ss shitheads, I would shoot that fat bitch in a second.
2010-03-22 07:32:36

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2010-03-17 01:55:16

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2010-03-17 01:54:33

I’m tired! I’m tired getting up, tired of lying down,
Tired of Wor, bombs, explosions, the sounds.

I’m tired of getting the finger, tired of road rage
Tired of drivers who want to engage.

I’m tired of the presumptuous, of faces so hard.
Tired of the intellectuals who disregard.

I’m tired of the violence, tired of crime
Tired of young people fighting and dyin'.

I’m tired of people using profanity
Tired of the breakdown in the family.

I’m tired of the politician who says no new tax
Tired of the new fees, tired of getting the axe.

I’m tired of the drugs on our streets
Tired of the victims they seek.

I’m tired of war, tired of seeing bodies torn apart
Tired of the hurt deep in my heart.

I’m tired of hate, tired of sorrow
I’m tired of wishing for a better tomorrow!
2010-02-28 03:45:16

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