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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Accident → Dying Princess Diana

Princess Diana died, aged 36, along with her companion Dodi Al Fayed, 42, and chauffeur Henri Paul, when the Mercedes they were in crashed in the Pont de l'Alma tunnel on 31 August 1997.

There were twelve doctors that worked on Princess Diana to save her life. Her death was inevitable; the statement from the hospital read, "Despite the closure of the laceration and external and internal heart massage lasting two hours no circulation was able to be restored." It is believed that even had the Princess' life had been saved she would have suffered from severe permanent brain damage.

CharonBoat Article: Injured Princess Diana in a car accident

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Guardian Angel/ Guiding spirit
well all miss ya girl. Youll live forever in the hearts of your children and their children. you did good. You will always be a saint to me. Say hello to mother theresa.
2011-04-22 04:11:12

@death of humanity

Most of these fucks are trollin'
2011-02-11 00:20:45

fuck you!
@ quit yer bitchin.
I hope you die of aids!
A slow and horrible death

Princess Di was an inspiration to near enough all britains.
And mad it her mission that children in Africa where getting proper medical care.

She's a saint.

So again please,please die!
2011-01-20 18:41:51

Quit yer bitchin
dead euro-trash hoe? good.
2011-01-10 05:57:58

the death of humanity
First of all I get it. Its a human urge to want to see
and try and understand the horrific capability of
man. I have always looked for things of this nature,
I want to be shocked, Being a product of this time
has even at times made it impossible. I could
always flush away the negative by viewing the
content in a cinematic method. I know that was my
shield. I could easily pretend it was fake. Although i
could block out the overwhelming horror and
sadness I still was able to process the raw humanity
of it. Its really hard to know that this sickness
doesn't impact you at all. If it was your mom who
has gotten anally raped and hacked the fuck up
would you like laughter . If your dad's guts are on a
table should I chuckle. You cruel, vile little fucks
this shit probably get most of you sexually aroused
watching this. I read the shit you people post and it
makes me want to vomit that we are even the same
2010-12-03 00:13:39

@Matt- From one English national to another: I don't know why, but I have the urge to enthusiastically and vigarous rape your asshole with my 12 inch barbed dildo. If interested, I'll meet you at Whitechapel any weekend night. I'll be the large breasted ginger girl wearing black and holding a paper bag.
2010-11-06 19:40:57

The Queen
she deserve it, for being such a fucking whore
2010-09-17 18:18:10

Princess Diana
You were jealous that I was dating an Arab. So you can go to hell you big eared bastard!
2010-06-05 20:16:05

Prince Charles
She never could fucking drive.
2010-04-19 08:32:34

2010-03-26 10:18:24

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