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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Accident → Dying Princess Diana

Princess Diana died, aged 36, along with her companion Dodi Al Fayed, 42, and chauffeur Henri Paul, when the Mercedes they were in crashed in the Pont de l'Alma tunnel on 31 August 1997.

There were twelve doctors that worked on Princess Diana to save her life. Her death was inevitable; the statement from the hospital read, "Despite the closure of the laceration and external and internal heart massage lasting two hours no circulation was able to be restored." It is believed that even had the Princess' life had been saved she would have suffered from severe permanent brain damage.

CharonBoat Article: Injured Princess Diana in a car accident

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nom de plume
royals and other celebrities think they are immune because they are rich.

royals are inbred idiots with heamophilia, deformities and insanity rampant.
2009-06-20 05:42:23

"Kill Da Chechen", but calling for the "Honor Killing" of an innocent young woman, you have shown that you are not much more spiritually evolved than the Muslims you love to hate so much.
2009-06-19 21:14:09

to axa
lol you should look into the english monarchs history. they have milions of litres of blood on their hands
2009-05-28 07:29:08

Kill Da Chechen
if she was 'offed' for wanting to marry a muslim then so be it - after all, the monarchy don't want any of that spiritual filth to invade their world.

It's like letting a virus into your life - willingly. You have to be mad to have anything to do with that shite. So, again, it may have been a good idea to top the bitch - especially if she was being drilled by the terrorist.
2009-05-14 22:33:53

Murdered for falling in love with a Muslim and wanting to marry him.....The Royal family has blood on their hands......
2009-04-02 17:27:15

Lady tears here. Fuck the
monarchy, the worlds biggest welfare
2009-03-16 04:00:06

poor princess! not to sound like a pamphlet but seatbelts saves lives. she could have been here today if they just buckled up!
2009-01-10 04:41:17

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