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Friday, October 5, 2007

Fake → Impaled girl

This scene is from the movie "Cannibal Holocaust" (1980).
Many people considered this movie to be made using the genuine snuff material. But it was proved false. Director Ruggero Deodato was taken to court to prove that he hasn't slain real people for his motion picture. One example the court made him prove concerned the lady impaled on the stake (please see the details of that iconic impalement scene). How it was made? A native girl sat on a bicycle seat on a pole, holding a spike of balsa wood in her mouth (it was 1980 and there were not computer graphics at that time).

Video: Download "impaled_girl_from_cannibal_holocaust.wmv"

This movie was banned in 53 countries.

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Booger O'Hare
@Michael Sardino from Budapest:
You really don't know your anthropology,do you?
The natives in Papua New Guinea are wooly-haired,wide-nosed black-skinned Negroids.The natives in this film are straight-haired south americans.Big difference there.
Nonetheless this film was utterly disgusting and obviously fake.To begin with,why did the students burn down the village?Didn't they expect there would be retalliation,especially among primitives?If it had been real,the dumbasses would have brought it upon themselves.
2009-06-24 03:34:51

the cruel end of the giant turtle is authentic,like the cocaine they sniff.....
2009-06-19 18:28:15

i'm italian, this movie is really shit and cruel, there's no story, a lot of free violence. and..don't u know guys, how i felt when i seen that the star of the movie was one of the famous showman of italian tv? bleah.
2009-06-18 21:33:12

Quote "This movie was banned in 53 countries"

This movie was also a load of shit! Fucking awful effects and a piss poor story line! Any one who honestly thought any part of it was real needs their fucking head examined!!
2009-06-13 23:31:47

Michael Sardino from BudaPesht
I know, but some gullible people might think it's real though!
2009-06-03 07:39:05

Michael Sardino from BudaPesht is full of shit!
2009-06-03 07:37:59

Michael Sardino from BudaPesht
this is ALL true this was filmed in Papua New Guiney by three American students - in 1981. it was on the TV news all over the northern provinces with government officials giving reassureances to local wimmin. They themselves were caught and the woman and photographer were subjected to the same treatment as the woman on the spike. This is recorded in Wikipedia, do a search for New Guiney Students Spike Ordeals and be sickened at what happened. Apparently, it is being turned into a movie but theres opposition from the women's families who say its obscene to show these women being spiked like this. There are some disgusting horrible people in this world, why everyone can't be just freinds I don't know. The girls mother was recently on the tv in England talking about the deaths - it was harrowing stuff. No-0ne knows who the film mans relatives were and they are doing DNA checks to try to establish next-of-kin so as to inform them that he isn't coming home - well not soon anyway. RIP.
2009-05-30 00:38:48

It's a stunt scene, and the film was lousy!
2009-05-19 23:53:08

2009-05-17 10:21:45

lol with the most profound respect for virginity

musta been americans

2009-05-13 02:04:23

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