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Friday, October 5, 2007

Fake → Impaled girl

This scene is from the movie "Cannibal Holocaust" (1980).
Many people considered this movie to be made using the genuine snuff material. But it was proved false. Director Ruggero Deodato was taken to court to prove that he hasn't slain real people for his motion picture. One example the court made him prove concerned the lady impaled on the stake (please see the details of that iconic impalement scene). How it was made? A native girl sat on a bicycle seat on a pole, holding a spike of balsa wood in her mouth (it was 1980 and there were not computer graphics at that time).

Video: Download "impaled_girl_from_cannibal_holocaust.wmv"

This movie was banned in 53 countries.

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good movie 2
2010-04-23 01:20:52

bonne de salo zote les chocan
2010-03-22 10:39:10

im feeling hot
2010-03-17 01:51:03

fucking brutal!!!
2010-02-14 01:22:28

in the movie, she didn't cross her feet like you see in the picture (1) and it is most likely that she DID sit on a bicycle seat, otherwise it would've been real. ( turtle, monkey, snake, ½ spider on the left shoulder of the woman, Rest In Peace. (Y) !my perspective!
2010-01-10 22:16:06

Cannibal Holocaust
2009-12-27 09:21:08

Jack you can get it at Netflix. These guys seem to have everything. There some other gruesome scenes that are real. They kill a turtle and eat it.
2009-12-20 07:35:11

To jack, if you just google cannibal holocaust, the whole uncut movie is on google video.
2009-12-18 12:56:22

i had seen this movie. i like to see this again. can any one help me
2009-12-16 10:54:27

I Think i saw this on Faces of Death..
2009-12-11 16:46:05

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