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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Suicide → Girl hanged herself in a bathroom

The girl was found hanged in the bathroom.

Family conflict, poor parent/child relationships, unhappy love very often lead to suicide. Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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Can I watch???????
2011-06-20 18:40:07

i wanna giggity in her goo
2011-06-04 05:57:18

prob fake..or not but that girl is still fuckable for many more rounds in that condition after they get her sorry ass down:)
2011-06-01 08:07:30

This isn't real everyone - it's from a German TV show. She's not really dead.
2011-05-31 19:58:10

harry sack
Thats a nice hanging bathroom air freshener.
2011-05-20 04:24:58

Hey hthe,
Can I watch??? while you are licking her, I can pop off on her face!!!!Just alittle harmless fun!!!!!
2011-04-29 13:55:39

hthe says -

I got excited seeing this gorgeous corpse, how I'd have loved to have been there to put my head under that skirt, first to smell her panties, then to pull her panties down and lick that tasty vagina, and afterwards her anus.
2011-03-20 14:54:19

some of you are just sick with these comments, but I presume we ARE on a sick website, so each to their own :)

One thing tho - why is everyone saying 'she was so pretty'? Do u think pretty girls aren't allowed to be depressed?! Depression makes you feel ugly even if you are beautiful. For fucks sake Brooke Shields has had it.
2011-03-20 14:47:02

this doesn't look real
2011-03-20 14:41:00

Hanged woman
2011-03-18 14:43:17

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