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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Suicide → Girl hanged herself in a bathroom

The girl was found hanged in the bathroom.

Family conflict, poor parent/child relationships, unhappy love very often lead to suicide. Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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How sad... I wonder why she did it. The poor girl was so pretty. She must have been so depressed. :(
2010-11-06 16:06:50

for all of you sick fucks, i'd like to see YOU commit suicide and have someone fuck YOUR corpse, and we'll see how you like it.
I hope you corrupted shits go fuck dead body, catch a post-mortem bred disease, and have your dick fall off. Then you can think about it all you want to, but you can cry like a little bitch when you realize that you'll never stuff your cock in another dead body again.
Hell, who knows, maybe you'll kill yourself when your dick rots off. Then all your necro friends can fap to you for a lifetime. That should throw some salt, vinegar, and maybe some goddamn humility in the wound.
2010-10-29 00:50:00

damn i bet the morgue guy was happy when he got her delivered :)
2010-10-26 08:06:49

i would have loved you for ever
2010-10-23 15:35:04

Photoshop FAIL!!!!
2010-10-13 01:54:39

its fake dude
2010-10-12 08:33:07

fake ?
2010-09-30 00:19:43

put my head under her skirt and lick her vagina and anus to the corpse of a good woman necrophilia would do to your corpse before the police arrive
2010-09-18 23:30:34

i would tear that cold, dead ass up.. preferrably in front of her loved ones
2010-09-14 17:08:27

you guys are sick assholes
2010-09-08 19:03:12

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