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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Suicide → Girl hanged herself in a bathroom

The girl was found hanged in the bathroom.

Family conflict, poor parent/child relationships, unhappy love very often lead to suicide. Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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To settle this once and for all: This is a collage of a camera pan from the German TV show 'Tatort', episode 'Der Spezialist'. The actress is Claudine Wilde and she did many movies and TV shows after this scene. So... it's fake.
2009-11-10 00:58:52

If this is genuine, it must have been taken very soon after she hung herself. Notice how her blood hasn't started to gather at her extremities yet. It wouldn't be hard to fake this with a harness hidden behind. Goddamn shame if it's real.
2009-11-08 04:57:44


Fake or not it's a terrible thing.
2009-10-31 20:41:02

You all idiots
Non of these are fake you fucking idiots. Suicide is a tragic fact. Fuck off if you have nothing relevent to say other than "its fake." "Did she die?"
2009-10-24 18:33:01

This is fake, she made it to "see what she would look
like if she were found hanging".
2009-10-12 05:57:42

A friend sent me here just to determine if this was faked... The truth... It *might* be. I did some measurements. The stool is about the right height, you have to account for perspective. If it is photoshopped, it's very, very well done. No pixelation, no distortion like you would normally see. That said, this web site seriously disturbs me.
2009-10-10 09:32:48

From what I have fopund out this is real. It is a coroner photo. I have been unable to find out who is was. Where or when it took place.
2009-10-06 22:35:02

I thought by now I'd appreciate life...
2009-10-06 21:33:34

Made her point.
2009-10-05 18:35:56

2009-10-05 06:38:45

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