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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Accident → Family died in a car accident in Mexico

The whole family died in a car accident in Mexico.

Car crashes - also called road traffic accidents (RTAs), traffic collisions, auto accidents, road accidents, personal injury collisions, motor vehicle accidents (MVAs), - kill an estimated 1.2 million people worldwide each year. Please drive safely.

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2010-01-15 23:47:31

omg omfg thats my friend omg omg r.i.p :( omg i will miss you every body will at school ...
2010-01-12 22:14:09

Lonely aka Shakayla
And just like this tragic story her and Most of her family died in the same thing coming back from mexico and she is an american citizen but fuck all of yall god rest there souls
2010-01-11 18:46:05

I think that you all who are laughing and picking should be ashamed of yourselves it is not funny what happend im a black girl and im in high school but guess what one of my bestfriends is a mexican and I loved her to death but guess what she just died this weekend it doesnt matter who are or what race you are I am heart broken and you all can go to hell to hate a Mexican because I love them all and for the record im a quarter latina so fuck of you punto's.
2010-01-11 18:43:54

The Irony in this terminator is that it really is America's fault for their own fucked up shit.
2010-01-10 01:19:07

this is so fucking heart wrenching. All you assholes who are calling them beaners, go to hell and eat my cunt! It's all your fault america is so fucked up!
2010-01-08 09:02:09

this is why i could never be a sad.
2009-12-06 21:25:19

That's sad. Loosing that many family members at one time like that.

Just hope that doesn't happen to you. You think you're life is stressed now...
2009-11-18 06:34:16

all the comments i've seen here 'bout the mexicans are PURE STEREOTYPE, sriously u shall think what you say b4 type bullshits
2009-11-07 10:30:44

Oh damn.

Ah fucking all oh raciests shut the fuck up already.


You don't know wht they were doing.

They were NOT crossing the border so piss off
fucking assholes.!

Burn in hell.

And may they rest in peace.
2009-10-17 00:05:04

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