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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Accident → Family died in a car accident in Mexico

The whole family died in a car accident in Mexico.

Car crashes - also called road traffic accidents (RTAs), traffic collisions, auto accidents, road accidents, personal injury collisions, motor vehicle accidents (MVAs), - kill an estimated 1.2 million people worldwide each year. Please drive safely.

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All of the people who are laughing at this accident, you are sick and have some serious problems.
2010-07-08 03:27:43


Did you mean Carmela WAS a bitch?
2010-07-04 02:39:45

wow you people are pieces of
shit...........remember carma is a bitch!
2010-07-02 02:00:10

I lol'd at the article for this, "Please drive safely" It's Mexico, retard.
2010-06-25 16:57:08

holy shit now thats what i call a
2010-06-20 12:33:49

I can't believe some of you people... I GUARANTEE you wouldn't be saying terrible things about these pictures if they were people you loved and cared for.
2010-06-17 06:27:39

wow.... so sad,, huri hithaama ehge bodu kamaa...
2010-06-16 10:14:40

any death is awfull, I hope they all rest in peace, maybe we will all drive some what more carefully from now on....
2010-05-19 20:57:59

.. OMG !!
2010-05-08 09:24:41

the pizza man
MAN!! looks like some tarrace got them probily set a road side bomb... lol or they crossed the border and got hit by a RPG... man they got blown to bits. or they hit a mine while driveing thinking it was just a peice of garbage. or a guy straped a bomb to him self and went sewicide and him and the car blew up thats why the car is red now it use to be white......
2010-03-27 03:06:23

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