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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Medical → No Mouth... Noma

Noma also known as gangrenous stomatitis, is a gangrenous disease leading to tissue destruction of the face, especially the mouth and cheek.

The disease is associated with high morbidity and mortality and mainly affects children suffering from malnutrition under the age of twelve in the poorest countries of Africa.

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poor child...
2011-10-11 08:52:19

2011-10-08 06:24:22

imagine waking up to that
2011-10-08 01:41:46

Lance Boil
@ olio, it's a gore site. Get the fuck off if u don't want to look at this stuff. Sheeess!
2011-09-02 00:15:35

ben dover
awww what a cute smile..........4 a chimp
2011-07-08 06:21:29

Freddy Krueger
It would cool to have thta "disease"...but it probably gurts like Hell.
2011-06-18 02:43:35

judge dredd
"lets put a smile on that face"
2011-04-30 04:55:48

The comments left on this site are beyond heartless and cruel. How can you make light of something so serious? I can't believe people find things like this "funny" guys can go fuck yourselves
2011-04-24 01:36:10

if God exists, because it allowed
something like this? nothing justifies
innocent children to undergo these
2011-03-20 19:45:44

Johny G
Poor kid!
2011-02-18 07:13:34

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