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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Medical → No Mouth... Noma

Noma also known as gangrenous stomatitis, is a gangrenous disease leading to tissue destruction of the face, especially the mouth and cheek.

The disease is associated with high morbidity and mortality and mainly affects children suffering from malnutrition under the age of twelve in the poorest countries of Africa.

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a agree with you >trina
2010-10-12 09:38:02

omg. poor kid. it really breaks my heart when i see innocent people sick, when there are plenty of racist ignorant monsters that deserve every painful disease.
2010-10-12 06:26:21

kill all them bitches
2010-09-27 17:44:39

say cheese ya ugly nigger bastard
2010-09-27 17:43:48

not to diss on the kid or africans, but i mean come one, they know they're poor yet they still have kids? just cuz the stupid guys cant keep it in their pants they have a kid destined to suffer its whole life.
2010-08-20 22:53:16

usa i s to greedy to help other countrys
with life or death ,yet we fuck with
smaller countrys bc we get bored ,,,,and
this takes many many years to die from ,
you die from infection , or decrution of
the heart
2010-07-23 03:35:29

i cannot believe the comments u people are sick
2010-07-18 01:26:53

she's simply ... lucky :D She don't need
to smile when she take pictures, we
already see her teets
2010-06-23 06:19:30

Worship god!!!
fuk dat uglie kid!!! fuk dat fuk dat!!!
2010-06-12 10:51:23

Haylee all the people making fun of that baby...i
think you are all jst pathedic...nd if thats all ur
gunna do is make fun of kids that may have this
disease or different ones...u need to get a life
and grow the fuck up! oh...nd Hitler....they dont
have the kind of money we have to get medicine
nd its not their fault that they get all of these
diseases...god ur such a dumbass....
2010-06-12 03:32:40

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