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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Interesting → Drug Traffickers... Welcome to Singapore!

In spite of the poster with the woman who is going to be hanged is fake (this image even contains of English grammar mistakes) it completely reflects the situation in Singapore. Capital punishment is a legal form of punishment in Singapore. The state had the highest per-capita execution rate in the world between 1994 and 1999, estimated by the United Nations to be 13.57 executions per one million population during that period. The next highest was Saudi Arabia with 4.65. Under Section 216 of the Singapore Criminal Code: "When any person is sentenced to death, the sentence shall direct that he shall be hanged by the neck till he is dead but shall not state the place where nor the time when the sentence is to be carried out." Hangings always take place at dawn on Friday and are by the long drop method developed in the United Kingdom by William Marwood. Under the Schedule 2 of the Misuse of Drugs Act, any person found in the possession of more than the following quantities of drugs receives a mandatory death sentence in Singapore: Opium: 1,200 g, containing more than 30 g of morphine; aAny controlled drug (except opium): containing more than 30 g of morphine; Diamorphine (Heroin): 15 g; Morphine: 30 g; Cocaine: 30 g; Cannabis: 500 g; Cannabis mixture: 1,000 g; Hashish: 200 g; Methamphetamine: 250 g. According to Amnesty International, about 420 people have been hanged in Singapore since 1991, mostly for drugs offences.

Singapore seems to practice strict sex equality with the death penalty and hanged 9 women in the 90's. Six were executed for drug trafficking under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1973/75 which made drug trafficking a capital offence and 3 were hanged for murder. All Singaporean executions are carried out before dawn on Friday's in Changi prison and no details are released. Prisoners are usually executed in groups (of up to 7 at a time) with men and women being hanged together using the long drop method. Bodies are returned to the relatives for burial. Executions are now rarely reported unless the criminal is not Singaporean. It is highly probable that more Singaporean women have been hanged for drug trafficking since 2000 and at least one has suffered for murder.

Hanged for drug trafficking were:
Hong Kong born, Cheuk Mei-mei, aged 29, who was executed on the 3rd of March 1994 followed by Hong Kongese born, Tsang Kai Mong Elke on the 16th of December 1994. Twenty five year old Angel Mou Pui- Peng, who was from the Portuguese province of Macau, went to the gallows on the 6th of January 1995 having been allowed a one week stay of execution to celebrate Christmas as she was a Christian.
Tong Ching-man (24) and Poon Yuen-chung (22) who were both from Hong Kong and were only 18 at the time of their crime, were hanged on the 21st of April 1995.
Thai national, Navarat Maykha (32), was executed on the 28th of September 1996.
Chinese national, Yen May Woen (37), became the first person to be executed in Singapore for drug trafficking in 2004. She was hanged on the 19th of March 2004.

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PoleRubber you're an utter anus
2012-02-13 01:18:54

And the reason they strip them naked
before they hang them is? They should
have the same practice in the USA, then
we might make some head way with this
"war" on drugs
2011-12-06 04:32:32

yes its clearm, i did not understand tooo
2011-10-19 09:37:24

fap fap fap ...
2011-10-01 11:39:31

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B63BZ1 Yeah, now it's clear !... And firstly I did not understand very much where there was the link with the title itself !!...
2011-09-28 12:49:59

Singaporean women execution not reported? is it possible they raped them first? yeah maybe..because many from their government are animals, like GOH COK TONG
2011-09-17 04:13:38

GOH COK TONG will be hanged in hell one day forever yeah
2011-09-17 04:05:15

There are innocent victims of their laws..
two girls from hongkong was innocent. They don't bring drugs, the bag that carried was belong to someone else those chicken bastards entrusted to these girls during traveling from thailand. Poon yuen chung is only storekeeper in hongkong and she don't know anything about drugs. GO TO HELL FUCKING GOH COK TONG
2011-09-17 04:03:39

Jurong Bird Park
Hell yeah, Singapore! The entirety of
Western Civilization could definitely
learn a thing or two from these guys.
2011-08-29 08:55:05

Norman Stanley
I Think if you are in possession of drugs
in Singapore you know what to expect their
law is Mandatory Hanging for everybody it
does not matter which country you come from
2011-08-21 10:26:11

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