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Monday, November 5, 2007

Brutality → Mother and her child... Unit 731 (Set 2)

This is a vivisection of the pregnant woman (impregnated by one of the doctors) at the Unit 731. This pregnant young woman was infected with syphilis (sexually transmitted disease) for to study the efficiency of the new Japanese antibiotic terramycin on the infected fetus. The last three images are from the famous book of Morimura S. "Akuma no Hoshoku" ["The Devil's Gluttony"] about the War Crime of the Japanese Invasion Army Unit 731.

Unit 731 was a division of the Japanese Army during World War II. Their based in was based in the Pingfang district of the northeast Chinese city of Harbin. The purpose of the unit was to do testing on biological warfare. However, their testing subject were human that they capture around their bunker. Live vivisections (without anesthesia) were performed on prisoners infected with various diseases at the Unit 731 as well. As many as ten thousand people, both civilian and military, of Chinese, Korean, Mongolian, and Russian origin were subjects of the experimentation conducted by Unit 731. No one of them did survive. This vivisected pregnant woman was Russian as well. Apparently she took part in the anti-Japanese resistance in Harbin (Harbin became an asylum for many Russians after the Russian Revolution in 1917), was captured and sent to the Unit 731.

Wiki Article: Unit 731

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I THINK MY Title is self explanatory
2012-08-20 15:50:29

садовые дорожки
Админ, а можно я размещу этот пост на своём сайте?
2012-08-19 20:14:52

Порадовали? Удивили? Восхитительно? Интересная тема? Вы о чем, люди? Проводить опыты на людях,намеренно заражать людей, чтобы проверить действие "нового лекарства"...У меня в голове это не укладывается. Честно говоря, когда сегодня показали ролики, посвященные атомной бомбардировки Хиросимы, было жаль японцев. Но как вспомнишь о том, что эти японцы позволяли себе в отношении к другим народам, вся жалость и сострадание напрочь исчезают.
2012-08-06 14:34:32

FUCK RUSSIA AND CHINA COMMUNIST ASSHOLES and if you were sick and your life was in danger would you take the medicine that unit 731 one developed if it would save your life or would you rather get on your high horse and say fuck those evil japs i would rather die?????????????i personly would rather you got on your high horse and died.
2012-08-03 05:38:42
2012-07-19 20:32:16

Меховые жилетки фото
Удивили! Удивили и порадовали не то слово
2012-07-16 18:22:20

Японцы,проводившие эти опыты - не-люди. Фашисты. Но чем лучше америкосы, пригревшие этих тварей. Гореть в аду и тем и другим. И да будет так.
2012-07-12 19:47:34

fuck u japan... may u be the first country to be demolished due to natural calamities.... may ur souls rot in volcanic hell.
2012-07-10 16:45:01

дата выхода айфон 5
Извините если не туда, но как с админом сайта связатся?
2012-07-04 11:56:26

Продажа приборов
Достаточно интересная и познавательная тема
2012-06-30 09:26:01

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