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Monday, November 5, 2007

Brutality → Mother and her child... Unit 731 (Set 2)

This is a vivisection of the pregnant woman (impregnated by one of the doctors) at the Unit 731. This pregnant young woman was infected with syphilis (sexually transmitted disease) for to study the efficiency of the new Japanese antibiotic terramycin on the infected fetus. The last three images are from the famous book of Morimura S. "Akuma no Hoshoku" ["The Devil's Gluttony"] about the War Crime of the Japanese Invasion Army Unit 731.

Unit 731 was a division of the Japanese Army during World War II. Their based in was based in the Pingfang district of the northeast Chinese city of Harbin. The purpose of the unit was to do testing on biological warfare. However, their testing subject were human that they capture around their bunker. Live vivisections (without anesthesia) were performed on prisoners infected with various diseases at the Unit 731 as well. As many as ten thousand people, both civilian and military, of Chinese, Korean, Mongolian, and Russian origin were subjects of the experimentation conducted by Unit 731. No one of them did survive. This vivisected pregnant woman was Russian as well. Apparently she took part in the anti-Japanese resistance in Harbin (Harbin became an asylum for many Russians after the Russian Revolution in 1917), was captured and sent to the Unit 731.

Wiki Article: Unit 731

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Japan? We let this happen, and knew it was happening.
2010-11-23 13:01:55

and american govt allowed that bastard to
come live in america and work at the
university of maryland. wonder how many
fucking OLD COLD CASES they have in MD.
2010-11-22 03:46:33

"So who is the monster? The people who began this kind of work, or the people who continued it?" - We all must die, immediately!!!
2010-11-19 17:36:50

Japjnese pigs. They must be burned. They must pay for all!
2010-11-02 12:17:03

Japan should be burned in nuclear fire.
2010-10-27 13:57:58

We will not forget we do not forgive the Japanese and American bastards, to justify them, you will answer for everything.
2010-10-27 13:53:40

2010-09-01 07:10:43

And the beauty of Unit 731, after WWII, the researcher and their research was taken in by the US government and formed the core of the US bio warfare unit. It is from their work that the US government knows how to manage and deploy bio warfare agents.

Just like US rocketry, where the US government took in Wernher von Braun an SS colonel, whose slave factories killed 20,000 people. Wernher von Braun is called the father of the Apollo space program.

So who is the monster? The people who began this kind of work, or the people who continued it?
2010-08-23 02:34:43

Filthy japanese scum bags! Your invasion of China angers the youth of today. When the war comes, you'll feel our wrath and those before for what you have done! China will forever be number one in all of east asia! America and Japan, your reign of perverted terror will be over!
2010-08-19 04:25:01

I doubt this was from Unit 731. It could be from Mengele's files, or worse, from Russians themselves...
2010-08-02 18:29:37

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