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Friday, November 9, 2007

Executions → Girl was hanged for having sex with Nazi soldiers

This girl was hanged in the Minsk prison (Byelorussia, the U.S.S.R.) by Nazi in 1942 for having sex with German soldiers. The photographer took pictures of the corpse of this unhappy girl. And those images were used for conviction of the Nazi soldiers who had sex with that girl. The body of this executed girl was not released to her parents. It was burned subsequently.

With their ideas of "race" mixing, which defined any non-German as belonging to a different race, the Nazis were very much concerned about the children being born to women in conquered areas, particularly in the Slavic areas. Though the German authorities tried to emphasize that intercourse between German soldiers and female foreign workers was both unworthy and destructive of military potential owing to disease, they were unable to enforce their views. Moreover, the shortage of rubber in Germany was such that toward the end of the war the authorities could not give condoms out to German soldiers; though spermicides were recommended and tried, they were not particularly effective without condoms. Heinrich Himmler's elite SS troops, however, were categorically forbidden to have intercourse with women of foreign blood, and after 1941 all such offenses had to be reported to him personally. Even earlier, Himmler had demanded that any incidence of homosexuality in the SS be reported to him. Those who were found to be homosexual were to be stripped of their rank, expelled, and imprisoned, after which they were to be taken to a concentration camp "and there shot while attempting to escape."

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Lipu simsang
I hate nazis .fie!
2013-12-03 10:56:04

War is something absurd, useless, that
nothing can justify.
But for insulting Russian girls...I'll get
you even in hell...and make him eat his
guts without salt.
2013-07-13 21:58:32

Obviously this girl was germaine (hair,
skin, clothes), and with strong
characteristics of what was called pure
Aryan race. It would be impossible to be
killed by Germans. Mind you deliberately!
2013-07-13 04:19:55

That's what war does it creates chaos in the
minds of everyone. Poor everyone who was a
victim to a coward & racist psychopath hitler.
2013-07-08 11:06:10

To the people posting bullshit. I dare u to go into
Gail & say it there to a man the hate dickheads
like u trust me. You ll be the one spit roasted.
Cowards. Fuck gender age race. If you believe
that shit divides us as better than or less than
then your as dumb as fucking hitler & that price of
shit hung himself anyway. Fucking weirdos
whoever did those posts. I feel sad for u mates.
You'll end up wanking ur self to death anyway. So
at the end of the day who gives a fuck what u
think. Cause it's obvious u don't think.
Inflammatory comments r just there for that. To
disturb people but u are the ones disturbed. Boo
fucking who for you.
2013-07-08 11:01:03

The first photo is the sexiest one.

I prefer women to men sexually but I normally do it with a man because he supports me but I hate giving head. Glad he's away on business tonight.
2013-06-16 05:16:40

This poor girl cut down in her
prime...what was all those abrasions on
her face near her nose? Monsters who were
once innocent toddlers roam this Earth. I
don't understand this life...
2013-05-30 00:02:59

Shut allof your mean mouths how dare yo talk
about that girl a shame on you hitlers another
2013-04-28 19:50:18

She tried.
Pretty fucking hot though
2013-02-18 00:06:32

thats bad
2013-01-28 19:59:04

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