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Friday, November 9, 2007

Executions → Girl was hanged for having sex with Nazi soldiers

This girl was hanged in the Minsk prison (Byelorussia, the U.S.S.R.) by Nazi in 1942 for having sex with German soldiers. The photographer took pictures of the corpse of this unhappy girl. And those images were used for conviction of the Nazi soldiers who had sex with that girl. The body of this executed girl was not released to her parents. It was burned subsequently.

With their ideas of "race" mixing, which defined any non-German as belonging to a different race, the Nazis were very much concerned about the children being born to women in conquered areas, particularly in the Slavic areas. Though the German authorities tried to emphasize that intercourse between German soldiers and female foreign workers was both unworthy and destructive of military potential owing to disease, they were unable to enforce their views. Moreover, the shortage of rubber in Germany was such that toward the end of the war the authorities could not give condoms out to German soldiers; though spermicides were recommended and tried, they were not particularly effective without condoms. Heinrich Himmler's elite SS troops, however, were categorically forbidden to have intercourse with women of foreign blood, and after 1941 all such offenses had to be reported to him personally. Even earlier, Himmler had demanded that any incidence of homosexuality in the SS be reported to him. Those who were found to be homosexual were to be stripped of their rank, expelled, and imprisoned, after which they were to be taken to a concentration camp "and there shot while attempting to escape."

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fuck Sousuke
why is a good, holier-then-thou person commenting on go fuck yourself and suck a black dick, theyre people too after all
2011-05-05 21:43:18

Loltards WTF is wrong with you. Is it such a bad thing that people have sex with people who are different then them. Heaven forbid a white woman fucks a black man. Heaven forbid a Jew fucks a Muslim. I suppose you think that people who are mixed race should die also. There is no different between a black person or a white person, a jew or a muslim. We are all just people. Like it or not it's the truth. Go fuck yourself Loltards.
2011-04-12 05:52:16

She just liked Bratwurst xD
2011-03-22 10:53:45

maybe she was happy to hang.after all she is smiling.maybe she was happy she got hanged and to show appreciation probably gave the nazis a nice dance.after all she failed at life so was most likely happy when nazis said she was to hang.she probably happily let them noose her neck and hang her.
2011-03-20 13:32:22

philipme109 that's because you're a niggerlover
2011-03-11 16:04:23

It is SICK how low we humans can sink to!
I am surprised we humans survived past WW2
Loltards! I am a white race male and MY best friends were as YOU put it NIGGERS,
Some of my best friends are BLACK
It racist atitudes like YOURS that could doom mankind Think about it SWINE!!
2011-02-21 05:38:01

Poor girl, but we should be allowed to do the same thing with women who go around and fucks niggers and muslim swine. I mean, if the Nazi's were so evil, niggers and muslims must be too. So naturally, we should hang all coalburners from the gallows.
2011-02-08 18:20:00

Jeriko is gay
Hear that jeriko maybe the next knock on the
door will be us. And then well you know what
happens next click and then........
2011-01-19 08:26:41

Executions can benefit humanity
I like this thread. It's a good way for the
government to track the trash in our society that
we need to dispose of. Hopefully in the near future
the secret police can track the IP addresses of all
who posted unfavorably in this forum and secretly
execute them or put their organs to better use.

I wish death upon all who posted unfavorably here
and that your loved ones suffer great humiliation,
ravaging, defilement and total lack of empathy
before they are raped, made hideous by acid and
then disposed of before the same thing happens to
you in a different order.
2011-01-14 13:35:20

Swords have 2 edges
If it's allowed to happen to them, then it's allowed to
happen to you.

I think everyone who posted here should be raped
with a bandsaw and be fed their father's 24 hour
tortured and liquidated cock while being forced to
decapitate their pleading girl friend. And maybe we
can finish it up with stitching your dicks to each
other's left eye and each other's right eye to each
other's right testicle. Then watch yourselves rip
each other apart while your girl friends/wives cry for
you in pools of their own blood and organs.

Maybe after that's done, maybe then the hanging of
those three girls can be considered cool.

Next time there's a war, I hope someone forces you
to have sex with your wives/gf with razor wire
mounted to your dicks, at gun point.
2011-01-14 13:28:26

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