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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Murder → Someone did not like black color... The Black Dahlia

Her name was Elizabeth Short, her killer called her the Black Dahlia. ...she ran to a policeman terrified and asking for his help, telling him that someone was stalking her and would kill her if he caught her. All this a short week before her body was found. Now you can see what happened to her.

Elizabeth was 22 years old and she had a passion for black clothing. She'd earned her name Black Dahlia because she only wore black dresses, black shoes, black hose, and even black underwear. ...on the night of January 10, 1947, the Black Dahlia walked away and became one of the most horrifying and unsolved murder cases in Hollywood history. No one knows exactly what happened, only that on the morning of January 15, 1947, the body of the Black Dahlia was discovered lying in the grass of an empty lot. The lady that discovered the body could not believe what she was seeing. It looked like a broken department store dummy. The pieces that were found were laid out for display, nude and neatly bisected at the waist. The Dahlia's breasts were slashed and covered with cigarette burns. Her mouth had been cut at the corners into a wide grin. Her head had been bashed in beyond recognition. The Black Dahlia's body showed evidence of other mutilations, the strangest of which was a deep triangle-shaped gouge in her left thigh. This was where the rose tattoo had been previously and the coroner found the tattoo secreted in another completely different part of the body. There were rope burns on her ankles and wrists and the authorities guessed that she had been subjected to a torture session that lasted probably for 3 days. The Black Dahlia was identified by her fingerprints. Despite all of the time and energy the police put into the case, the crime was never officially solved, and, to this day, the case remains, one of the greatest crime mysteries. Elizabeth's story remains the most appalling of Hollywood's murder cases.

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One of the most passionate Case...
2009-07-16 01:09:12

The killer didn't call her the black Dahlia, that was the media...
2009-07-12 19:50:57

Former Homicide Detective Steve Hodel's evidence regarding his father, (Dr. George Hill Hodel, M.D.) has undeniably been proven. Granted, the killer is now deceased, (died at the age of 91 in 1999) so the evidence remaining is circumstantial evidence. However, along with all evidence presented, a 'coverup' by the then 'LAPD Gangster Squad' as well as MANY 'high ranking officers' for all physical evidence of the killer's crime has been exposed. (The 'coverup' extended from the time of the crime, 1947, all the way up to the late 1970's, due to the corruption, mainly payoffs, bribes, and protection BY those who had been paid-off.) I strongly urge you to do a little more research before making such a bold statement as "the sons claims that his father murdered her have been refuted". Also, as more of side note, I agree with the comment made by 'Hye Seo' that some of the information regarding this murder on this website has some facts missing, mixed up, or omitted.
2009-05-27 22:16:04

Refuted how, and with what evidence?
2009-05-27 04:19:35

The sons claims that his father murdered her have been refuted...
2009-05-26 01:01:39

This case HAS been solved!!! The man who did such horrific, brutal, agonizing things to this poor woman, resulting in her death and subsequent bisection and discovery, was the father of a Los Angeles Homicide Dectective. The killer's name is (was;he died in 1999) Dr. George Hill Hodel, M.D. His son, the former L.A. Homicide Detective and now Private Investigator, is the author of a book, called 'Black Dahlia Avenger:The True Story'. The author's name is Steve Hodel. NO ONE deserves to be handled, treated, tortured, murdered, exposed, or talked of in such a manner as this. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for what you have thought/written in regards to the MANY families the killer destroyed when he took Elizabeth Short's life. God forbid anything such as this happening to any of you. >:/
2009-05-24 04:44:22

I'd put an artificial smile on a few bitches faces....
2009-05-15 03:20:16

oddest Q man
the jokerrs wife.. why so serious ??
2009-05-14 08:48:40

She looks like the joker
2009-05-06 01:19:20

This is so sick
God, I want to throw up, who the hell would do this to someone?!??!??!?
2009-05-03 21:53:37

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