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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Murder → Lavrentiy Beria... and his sexual sadism

Lavrentiy Beria was a brutal Head of the Soviet NKVD/KGB (Secrete Political Police) during 1938-1953. Millions of innocent Soviet citizens were killed by NKVD police rulled by Beria. Beria was a depraved sadist who personally tortured and killed many people. He kidnapped, raped, and murdered young girls for sex in his Lubyanka NKVD Secrete Political Police office in Moscow (the U.S.S.R.).

...the corpses of two females (a young women and a girl) were found in the outskirts of Moscow (the second victim was found buried; those images are from the Soviet MVD Police profiles). All those victims were raped and subsequently shot. There were witnesses of how those unhappy young women were forced to sit in a black car by the high-ranking NKVD officer. We still believe those young women were the victims of bloody Beria.

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pure guy I said?
meant poor guy
2015-01-17 01:57:26

You must be so gullible

2015-01-17 01:42:00

too progressive I meant
2015-01-17 01:40:36

You know!?
2015-01-17 01:39:58

and those ungrateful pigs shot him because
he was to progressive and hence threat to
2015-01-17 01:37:10

And pure guy never managed to become what
he really wanted to be - an architect
2015-01-17 01:36:16

As soon as he replaced bloodthirsty
Yezov, millions were freed from GULAG.
Trouble with oil production? Beria took
care of it ; Trouble with creating the
first Soviet nuclear bomb, Beria took
care of it; It was necessary the rapid
evacuation of production from the west
to the east of USSR during WWII, Beria
took care of it; First high rise
buildings in Moscow, Beria took care of
it; USSR Needs good intelligence, Beria
took care of it ...........
2015-01-17 01:35:01

Beria was shy, but at the same tame very
educated (he new almost all
Sheakspearian sonets by heart), most
successful state manager of Georgian
ethnicity, and this latter means in his
veins flowed noble blood. You don't
believe me? go back to secondary school,
learn how to read and then read a couple
of history books
2015-01-17 01:23:51

You my friend are either no idea at all
who is it you are talking about or an
invalid, you know, mentally
2015-01-17 01:14:19

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