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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Brutality → Demon doctor... Dr. Shiro Ishii (Unit 731)

The first female prisoner of Unit 731 is a victim of the phosphorus burn wound experiments conducted by microbiologist Shiro Ishii. The second female victim developed gas gangrene of her buttocks after the test of the ceramic bomb filled with Clostridium bacterial spores. Of course, both of them died.

Microbiologist Shiro Ishii was the Lieutenant General and the Head of Unit 731, a biological-warfare unit of the Imperial Japanese Army during the Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945). In 1942, Ishii began field tests of germ warfare and weapons (firearms, bombs etc.) on Chinese soldiers and civilians. Approximately three thousands prisoners died of bubonic plague, cholera, anthrax and other diseases. His unit also conducted physiological experiments such as vivisections, forced abortions, simulated burns, strokes and heart attacks. In 1946, the U.S. began negotiating a secret deal with Ishii and Unit 731 leaders: immunity from war-crimes prosecution would be offered in exchange for germ warfare data based on human experimentation. The deal was concluded two years later. Ishii was never prosecuted. He went on to supervise biological research at the University of Maryland (USA) and died at the age of 67 in 1959.

Wiki Article: Shiro Ishii

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We let this man GO on a PARDON for WAR-CRIMES against HUMANITY for the DATA that they broke an INTERNATIONAL-LAW, and interested America to obtain? And, we let these people put us in prisons for being a product of this country's lies, and bullshit?
2011-10-31 05:06:52

There's a difference we Americans warned them
we had nuclear weapons of mass distruction
and they chose not to listen but the victims of
ishui, Stalin, and so on had no warning they did
not have even a name
2011-10-24 16:18:37

yudi ishii
you Americans have always been
atrocities on the population of other
countries with impunity. I am not in
favor of those who make or promote this
kind of thing, plus you also are not
saints. What you tell me about the pump
Hirashima and nagasaki? U.S. troops in
Middle East?
Do not be hypocrites to the point of the
label by other countries of tyrants.
Who plants hatred, war and disaster ...
reap hatred, war and disaster!
what you gained from the war in Vietnam?
What Vietnam has won this war?
What Afghanistan won by the Americans?
You even have armed the Taliban! You
Americans have powers to Bin Laden! Why?
What I mean is that you are worth the
same as Japanese, Russian, Afghan,
Brazilian, Chinese, Korean ... we're all
the same shit!
2011-10-15 13:18:40

those of you who don't understand that the things
Unit 731 were horribly brutal and down right evil,
they obviously had self preservation in their minds
and no offence to the japanese people of today but
your ancestors had the wrong idea but then again
who really has the right idea? the USA has the
wrong idea Canada has the wrong idea all of Europe
has the wrong idea everyone all over the world has
the wrong idea, we need war to balance out deaths
and births in the world but we really don't need to
make war any more brutal than it already is, it's bad
enough when our brothers and sisters, mothers and
fathers, sons and daughters are killing each other
on the battlefield how about we just stick to
firearms we do not need to make chemical weapons
in order to kill as many people in the most horrible
ways possible, so to the fucked up people who like
to see this shit, shut the fuck up and go see a
2011-10-10 22:08:29

they should skin the scum that let these ass holes off. But this government has a history of fucking its own americans over sholdiers and civilians.
2011-09-30 03:50:45

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Lkipoi Can be also this issue because the truth can be achieved only in a dispute :D
2011-09-30 00:36:27

sick freaks
I’m wondering who is the real sick person that ishii guy or the ones leaving their shameful comments.

2011-09-27 15:11:30

Death to Japan!
2011-09-03 23:56:31

fujioka san
Fuck all of you cracker- niggers- spics-jews-fags-nazis
sadists-necrophiliacs-child killers-pedophiles...
2011-08-25 05:01:23

It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of ssunihne.
2011-08-05 18:56:06

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