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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Brutality → MMORPG cash debtor... and his dismembered body

The 10 year old victim lent some MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) cash from his 12 year old "friend" and refused to pay him back. His "friend" went to his house... sodomized, killed and dilacerated the "debtor." Then he tried to hide the body parts at the attic but failed when his mother came home. It happend in Blumenau, SC, Brazil.

The name of the MMORPG game ironically was "Tibia" (the tibia is the larger of the two bones in the leg below the knee as well).

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jogo do demônio
2010-04-10 22:09:15

WOW kills
2010-04-04 09:50:32

Must be a fucking awsome game...
2010-03-31 21:11:09

That story makes very little sense.
2010-03-30 02:54:59

thats the way uhu uhu i like it uhuhu

this is sad i wish there were some
kind of all knowing/ all powerfull being
who would stop these things from
happening but oh well
2010-03-26 19:24:24

You are upset one guy hates jews but it's alright to make fun of a dismembered kid? You really are a dickhead.
2010-03-23 05:44:40

Uncle Lucius
Serious nerd rage damn!
2010-03-22 14:39:25

LO fucking L! This is some grade A funny shit! Little nerdy bastard got what he deserved. This needs to be the death of every geek-nerd-computer-playing fucker out there.
2010-03-13 21:46:08

never imagined that a 12 year old cud even
think of doing this!
2010-03-07 11:15:11

Pat Bateman
What a poor, broke bastard.

I chop people into bits with a Stihl
MS260 Pro Chain saw, not a cheap, rusty
hand saw.
And I always make sure to lay down the
style section so it doesn't ruin my
bamboo hardwood flooring.

But seriously, the kid had it right. If
someone owes me money or has a better
business card or something I'll just
take an axe to their face.

And lol, just cool it with the anti-
Semetic remarks.
2010-02-08 09:59:55

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