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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Brutality → MMORPG cash debtor... and his dismembered body

The 10 year old victim lent some MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) cash from his 12 year old "friend" and refused to pay him back. His "friend" went to his house... sodomized, killed and dilacerated the "debtor." Then he tried to hide the body parts at the attic but failed when his mother came home. It happend in Blumenau, SC, Brazil.

The name of the MMORPG game ironically was "Tibia" (the tibia is the larger of the two bones in the leg below the knee as well).

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yumm i want it on this shit ;)
2009-12-27 09:11:32

What a way to get back at a
friend...raping, murdering and
dismembering. I never want to meet that
2009-12-25 02:22:34

Br is fucking carzy ppl

br is some kind of strage ppl that are
afanados for this game D'uh hahaha

Br national sport is playing tibia:PP

fucking retards
2009-12-23 20:21:38

hahaha no es LP lp es un puerco como de
150 kilos XDD

no mames con el noob k dijo k por un k
set en una hunt de gs sako como 5 k
armor hahaha

alomejor por 1kk chanze pero na

dark link estas bien pendejo por un k
set haha 10k hahaa noob

2009-12-23 20:20:09

12 is a little young to go bananas like that.and this is is real.
2009-12-16 20:55:42

This Shit Is Sick!!
In picture 9 and 10 the both hands are there.. Open your eyes retard!!
2009-12-10 21:41:27

if i came home and i saw somthing like that and i was the mum that persons family and there familys family would be in pieces like that next to my kid my house would be a river of blood and guts and body parts
2009-12-10 18:57:33

That better had been a damn good game.
2009-12-07 18:36:47

Never mind, it was on the news apparently.
2009-12-03 23:34:08

Fake. The feet give it away.
2009-12-03 23:30:56

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