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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Brutality → MMORPG cash debtor... and his dismembered body

The 10 year old victim lent some MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) cash from his 12 year old "friend" and refused to pay him back. His "friend" went to his house... sodomized, killed and dilacerated the "debtor." Then he tried to hide the body parts at the attic but failed when his mother came home. It happend in Blumenau, SC, Brazil.

The name of the MMORPG game ironically was "Tibia" (the tibia is the larger of the two bones in the leg below the knee as well).

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2009-02-23 20:24:46

lol Sorrry kid you gotta pay me back!!!!!!
just kidding.... but seriously...
dude that is just unnecessary
2009-02-21 08:00:16

that was some bad shi9t Its had out here
death can come anytime
2009-02-20 18:14:38

People are messed up? You Sick twisted ...

There isnt words to describe the killer
2009-02-19 21:24:14


But seriously, its nice to see this happening to a kid. :]
2009-02-19 16:25:42

Out of all the things I've seen on Charonboat, this is by far one of the worst..
2009-02-16 05:39:56

Alas! Brave adventurer, you have met a sad fate. But do not despair, for the gods will bring you back into the world in exchange for a small sacrifice.
2009-02-13 17:55:36

Damn, he should of used Exura Gran or something. Now he lost his legs to a rl pk. You see Human legs (Arm:0). It weighs 75lbs.
2009-02-13 17:55:11

that kind of games don't have that effect in people but well brasilians tibia players are REALLY CRAZY if one can do that :S
2009-02-12 21:23:08

people who do this are stupidly sick and should be punished the poor deceased boy didnt deserve that. thats just beyond ... wow...
2009-02-12 12:52:05

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