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Friday, November 16, 2007

Brutality → Criminal Dismemberment

Dismemberment is the act of cutting, tearing, pulling, wrenching or otherwise removing, the limbs of a living thing. It may be practiced upon human beings as a form of capital punishment, as a result of a traumatic accident, or in connection with murder, suicide, or cannibalism.

As opposed to surgical amputation of the limbs, dismemberment is often fatal.

Wiki Article: Dismemberment

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2011-04-30 21:30:31

so, ???, are you talking that shit cuzz u know how it is? hahaha looks like youre describing your personality hahaha
2011-03-13 07:50:49

Savage act people
2011-02-21 10:56:42

God doesn't create them, we do!, you don't have a clue what makes a serial killer, the phsycological and physical torture of there upbringing, being let down by everyone, having no one but yourself, knowing what really goes on in this world.(''What goes around, comes around''). Killing others is a way of getting who you wan't and a way of owning them by ultimate possetion, it also becomes exciting and addictive, wanting more and more becoming sader and sicker within each act. I could indulge further into this matter but it would take to long and not enough space to write.
2011-01-26 18:50:05

One time I drank a gallon of my dad cum and
then i smeared my moms shit all
Over me.
2011-01-19 09:21:23

Adrian Wolf
God Doesn't create them... Unfortunately we do...
2010-11-05 20:38:43

This is so gross. If god really exists why would he
create monsters like this..? Hell.
2010-10-27 02:05:56

creatively sick!
2010-10-26 07:39:36

el mateo, you say that the 2nd 3rd pics are of Ed geins work, but i thought he only killed 1 women, the pic were she is hung up and gutted, and another women who they wasn't entirely sure he killed her, and the rest were dug from graves, can you give me more info please, i am an admirer of Ed gein, allthough i'm not sure why.
2010-07-30 22:25:21

someone has weemen issues.
2010-07-24 23:56:19

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