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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Accident → Traumatic Dismemberment

Dismemberment is the act of cutting, tearing, pulling, wrenching or otherwise removing, the limbs of a living thing. It may be as a result of a traumatic accident.

This unhappy young woman was hit by a car on the highway. She was severely injured in this accident that resulted in dismemberment. She did die... at the hospital... in two days.

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Concerned Citizen
This is awful
2018-11-28 03:56:05

fuck my ass.............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2018-09-21 01:16:30

Alpha Male
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2018-07-19 00:02:40

Donald Glover Over

That’s a surefire way to get rekt.
2018-07-02 06:55:43

sexy in nylons died so sad
2018-02-26 23:09:20

What would you like to shove up my ass?

[A] an icepick
[B] a knife
[C] your cock
2017-12-08 01:37:26

Donald Drumpf
2017-10-29 21:30:20

Good Citizen
Poor woman . Omg!

We should post a comment to share our thoughts

2017-10-18 11:13:37

Post a comment or I'll fuck you right in the ass!
You! Fuckface!!
2017-06-11 05:52:24 senior editor
We ask our viewers to show respect for the dead when viewing our content. While viewing our content we ask that you refrain from masturbating. If you cannot resist the urge to masturbate we recommend that you wash your hands twice afterwards.

Please have respect for the dead.
2017-05-04 08:06:31

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