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Monday, November 19, 2007

Brutality → Necrophilia

Necrophilia is a paraphilia characterized by a sexual attraction to corpses.

As of May, 2006, there is no federal legislation in the united states specifically barring sex with a corpse. Some states have their own laws.
Alabama - Class C felony;
Alaska - Class A misdemeanor;
Arkansas - Class D felony;
California - Illegal, up to 8 years in prison;
Colorado - Class 2 misdemeanor;
Delaware - Class A misdemeanor;
Florida-- Second degree felony;
Georgia - Felony, up to 10 years in prison;
Iowa - Class D Felony;
Hawaii - Misdemeanor;
Michigan - Class A felony, life in prison;
Oregon - Felony for "Abuse of Corpse;"
Texas - Class A Misdemeanor;
Pennsylvania - Second degree misdemeanor;
Washington - Class C Felony for "Sexually violation human remains;"
Minnesota and Nevada also have laws prohibiting necrophilia as well. And that is it.

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she clearly has staples from the
postmortem. you can see them in the last
2011-05-20 06:15:06

no rigor mortis or discoloration, and no open grave nearby.
2011-05-19 00:56:39

I wonder if they shot cum on her after they snapped the photo????
2011-05-13 15:14:25

You're the grteesat! JMHO
2011-05-08 14:12:30

ффу ты бля
2011-04-02 15:23:32

yes, it's disrespectful to the family of the dead girl I
guess. but "kill these freaks"? "death penalty for this
horrific crime"? this person is already dead, it's really
not a major crime, just weird.
2011-03-26 19:43:08

would you believe?
in Poland, in city Lublin, such as the kind of "love" is promoted by local authorities

There is a club where fans of necrophilia
They display films of course Nekromantik's and playing with all legal

Interestingly it is the same city where he was during World War II Majdanek concentration camp

it's terrible
2011-03-05 18:53:12

pete the hatchet
Id fuck it
2011-01-24 15:40:56

Most of you are fucking retards.
2011-01-24 03:16:47

I would prefer a dead dude. Because I love to be
2011-01-19 09:19:42

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