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Monday, November 19, 2007

Brutality → Necrophilia

Necrophilia is a paraphilia characterized by a sexual attraction to corpses.

As of May, 2006, there is no federal legislation in the united states specifically barring sex with a corpse. Some states have their own laws.
Alabama - Class C felony;
Alaska - Class A misdemeanor;
Arkansas - Class D felony;
California - Illegal, up to 8 years in prison;
Colorado - Class 2 misdemeanor;
Delaware - Class A misdemeanor;
Florida-- Second degree felony;
Georgia - Felony, up to 10 years in prison;
Iowa - Class D Felony;
Hawaii - Misdemeanor;
Michigan - Class A felony, life in prison;
Oregon - Felony for "Abuse of Corpse;"
Texas - Class A Misdemeanor;
Pennsylvania - Second degree misdemeanor;
Washington - Class C Felony for "Sexually violation human remains;"
Minnesota and Nevada also have laws prohibiting necrophilia as well. And that is it.

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Wisconsin also has laws against it
2009-11-03 22:28:57

wouldn't it be.. like.. cold..
2009-10-16 09:31:15

Realmente la cagó, sakó a la muerta pa tirarsela, jajaja hay gente pa todo en este mundo.
2009-09-30 12:46:10

Chucha!!! yo igual le pondria el pico ... si no estaba tan mala .... y total despues se iva a podrir..... debe tener el hoyo del culito apretadito mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh
2009-09-28 01:36:42

I fucked her Dusty, she just lay there like a sack of potatos, not realy my type, bit too anorexic. I like a bit of meat on their bones.
2009-09-26 20:13:22

Seriously. Leave the dead girl alone. O_O
2009-09-25 04:31:32

Necrophilia can't be as bad as having sex with british women. At least the dead are more animated.
2009-09-17 16:01:23

2009-09-16 21:42:09

Can you believe it?...

I was actually on the brink of succumbing to my supressed necrophiliac desires.
I only accessed this thread for final confirmation about my inner-depravity; before heading off to my local cemetary (shovel in hand).
When would you believe it!?...
I stumble across xxx's post & link, regarding GUITARS!!!.

Necrophilia?... I've forgetten all about that now!.
I'm now the proud owner of a Fender Stratocaster, and a highly talented Rock Musician.
And what's more the girls are absolutely crazy about me!.
(Living girls, that is... with a healthy complexion... and a pulse!)

Gee, xxx, and it's all thanks to you.
You're an absolute Star!.
2009-09-09 02:13:30

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2009-09-02 16:29:21

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