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Monday, November 19, 2007

Brutality → Necrophilia

Necrophilia is a paraphilia characterized by a sexual attraction to corpses.

As of May, 2006, there is no federal legislation in the united states specifically barring sex with a corpse. Some states have their own laws.
Alabama - Class C felony;
Alaska - Class A misdemeanor;
Arkansas - Class D felony;
California - Illegal, up to 8 years in prison;
Colorado - Class 2 misdemeanor;
Delaware - Class A misdemeanor;
Florida-- Second degree felony;
Georgia - Felony, up to 10 years in prison;
Iowa - Class D Felony;
Hawaii - Misdemeanor;
Michigan - Class A felony, life in prison;
Oregon - Felony for "Abuse of Corpse;"
Texas - Class A Misdemeanor;
Pennsylvania - Second degree misdemeanor;
Washington - Class C Felony for "Sexually violation human remains;"
Minnesota and Nevada also have laws prohibiting necrophilia as well. And that is it.

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bastards of bodom
hahaha niether is north carolina! i can rape all the corpses i want! well i know what im doing tonight :)
2009-08-29 18:16:03


ohio is not on the list!!!!

2009-08-28 23:04:54

bastards of bodom
i dont plan on killing myself because i dont see humanity as some corrupt sespool of filth and debochery, i enjoy life but if u want to kill urself go right ahead, ill piss on ur grave
2009-08-25 02:38:45

lets make a pact
when you kill ur self ill kill myself 2...
or we should both kill each othr at the same time bcuz you are not better thn m in any way...
so neithr of us deserve to live.
bastards of bodom
2009-08-24 00:26:32

its almost as normal as fuckin another dude in the ass huh. sick bastards of the world today. what the fuck!
2009-08-21 19:43:57

you should be killed for that. any kind of sick perversion like that you should be strung up by your fuckin neck. liberals would probably support these sick fucks, "oh its completely normal to fuck dead ass bodies". fuckin people these days, whats the world comin too =[
2009-08-21 19:42:22



2009-08-21 08:38:28

Dont tell me thay pulled that thing out of a grave and fucked it. Creepy.
2009-08-20 22:42:03

bastards of bodom
i fucking hate it when people talk about how much they hate humans, if u think humans are so terrible, do us all a fucking favor and kill urself, elashez
2009-08-18 21:05:35

oh lol...
2009-08-16 06:57:17

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