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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Suicide → Suicide by train

The man suffered from depression committed suicide by lying down in front of an oncoming train.

Video: Download "suicide_by_train.wmv"

Depression is a potentially life-threatening mood disorder that affects up to 12% of the population, or approximately 17.6 million Americans each year. The economic cost of depressive illness is estimated at $30-44 billion a year in the United States alone. The human cost cannot be overestimated.

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2017-04-23 12:03:08

офигенно я тоже так сделаю завтра
2016-11-10 09:44:28

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2016-06-27 02:03:44

People who suffer from that n cannot b
helped r bound to b successful in their
suicide attempts...less money tax payers
gotta dish out later...
2016-01-03 12:21:06

Electroconvulsive therapy (E.C.T.)
Electrconvulsive therapy is a form of psychiatric treatment for the mentally ill. During E.C.T. electrical impulses are sent through the brain which seem to reverse certain mental illnesses.
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