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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Brutality → Russian woman was murdered and sodomized

The Russian woman was found dead at her appartment. Autopsy showed she she was suffocated with a pillow first. Then the murderer sodomized her dead body... her anus was ripped apart. Her murderer was not found.

34% of Caucasian women reported ever having anal sex compared to 23% of Hispanic women.

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wow nice statistics like we fucking needed to know that. Of course caucasian girls would have more sex, they are dirtier than latina girls.
2009-02-27 07:03:29

wow that's intense, poor bitch
2009-02-25 03:38:25

how could you morons make comments like that ?
2009-02-23 19:39:31

На Россию это кстати не похоже...
На хуя жопу её заштриховали блядь?
2009-02-05 19:35:27

Is the corpse still warm and fresh for her second helping of assraping?
2009-01-23 13:49:45

Wow.... Poor bitch!
2009-01-01 06:32:47

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