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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Brutality → Russian woman was murdered and sodomized

The Russian woman was found dead at her appartment. Autopsy showed she she was suffocated with a pillow first. Then the murderer sodomized her dead body... her anus was ripped apart. Her murderer was not found.

34% of Caucasian women reported ever having anal sex compared to 23% of Hispanic women.

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Eric Minerault
hi dude. If you like i will bend over so you can fuck me up the ass!

Would you like that?
2016-02-22 12:01:16

Fuck me in the ass-hard!


Make me bleed all over the fucking floor!!! Destroy my rectum!!!

Jam your blood stained dick in my throat and shove it down my esophagus!!!
2016-02-12 05:47:44

I'm sure it was excellent fun to kill and
rape this worthless whore !!!
2015-11-02 05:42:03

fuck me in the ass. Right in the ass!
2015-09-03 00:20:21


Take a razor-sharp icepick and......and......and......and......ram it up my ass......once.

Wait...wait... Look at the trickle of blood running down my leg.

Now, put the icepick up my ass...twice in rapid succession......and......and......and......and.... ....RAM!...RAM!

Wait.........three prominent trickles of blood running down my leg.

Now, ram that icepick up my ass at will...RAM!...RAM!...RAM!...RAM!......turn my anus into swiss cheese!!

Let the blood poureth!!!!!

RAM FUCKING RAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2015-08-17 11:49:59

And all night
2015-07-02 07:22:06

Concerned Citizen
Susan Bendtsen, the notorious younger sister of Bo Bendtsen is one of the most viscious ex-inmates of the women's prison system in recent years. A one time prostitute, she served 3 years for the manslaugter of a truck driver. She apparently severed his penis and stuck it in his mouth shortly after his death.
2015-06-24 11:21:19

you sick fuck
2015-06-12 05:05:33

The photo makes me want to lick her anus all day
2015-05-13 19:23:51

Bet u this bitch was a whore who prostituted
herself to the wrong guy at her house.

But why is her asshole censored!!? Best part
would of been to see he butthole ripped apart!
2014-07-18 09:47:14

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