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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Brutality → The Russian butchers

Lenin, 1917-24: Lenin killed 4 million people - men, women and little children. He is the 5th greatest murderer of the 20th century (after Stalin, Mao, Hitler and Chiang Kai-shek).

Stalin, 1924-53: Stalin is perhaps the most evil human being that ever lived. Stalin killed 42 million people - men, women and little children. In all of history, only Mao could possibly have killed more.

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yay i love hitler
sevensie hiven dish kike
hail hitler
fuck kikes
2009-09-27 02:18:20

Chiang Kai-shek evil?

fuck, Mao was the bad guy.
2009-09-26 23:59:07

Those guys are heros to american left-wingers.
2009-09-23 07:39:42

thats cause he is a bitch
2009-09-14 23:14:56

dam hilter looks like a bitch next to the other dudes lol
2009-08-10 21:32:54

Democrats are part of a long line
2009-08-08 19:43:55

Lol. Fmeh.
2009-07-31 08:47:49

Hitore de
They forget about Pol Pot.
2009-07-31 05:10:15

2009-07-17 05:45:17

Right, here at Russia we say every 2nd man was in Stalin jails, usually as a slave doing dirty work. He killed millions, actually maybe 40, who knows, but WW2 he lost at the begining millions lives. The winner of WW2 was Zhukhov and spirit of Russian population.

And RIGHT, there's another place at the right for American presidents. Who know which of them, but there're too meny wars at 20century by USA. Meny used Nuclear elements or mutant gases, which kills generations, millions and more every generation of mutant people. Who count it!?
2009-07-03 20:39:59

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