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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Brutality → The Russian butchers

Lenin, 1917-24: Lenin killed 4 million people - men, women and little children. He is the 5th greatest murderer of the 20th century (after Stalin, Mao, Hitler and Chiang Kai-shek).

Stalin, 1924-53: Stalin is perhaps the most evil human being that ever lived. Stalin killed 42 million people - men, women and little children. In all of history, only Mao could possibly have killed more.

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Seth Brundle
Sinjin88 are you that fucking retarded?
Bush is a puppet of the US Government..a fall guy..
2009-01-16 09:27:33

What about george bush? His murder spree mush have some high numbers.
2009-01-15 21:30:13

da seht ihr es! die reissch├╝sseln und die russen waren viel schlimmer als die deutschen.. trotzdem wird dauernd drauf rumgehackt. schande.
2009-01-08 14:54:22

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