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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Brutality → The Russian butchers

Lenin, 1917-24: Lenin killed 4 million people - men, women and little children. He is the 5th greatest murderer of the 20th century (after Stalin, Mao, Hitler and Chiang Kai-shek).

Stalin, 1924-53: Stalin is perhaps the most evil human being that ever lived. Stalin killed 42 million people - men, women and little children. In all of history, only Mao could possibly have killed more.

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god doesnt murder stupidest comment ever posted burn baby burn
2012-06-14 19:59:36

Mark MA
Stalin + Mao + Hitler + Chiang Kai-shek + Lenin = Mark Ma!!
2012-06-10 17:58:21

Mein Kunt
This post needs to include God (though the murder rate would be much higher).
2012-06-08 02:35:06

They are bad. This does not mean
socialists are the only murdering
bastar_ds. All you have to be one of
them is just be a group leader who has
strong opposition. Saddly, Justice is
written by the strongest. Not Justice
saving powerless folks. Godlessness
have always prevailed on top.
2012-04-22 15:42:18

this post made by suporter of capitalist dogs so
they will eat garbage waste food and thinking
2012-04-19 18:28:36

@Shlomo Scharfstein

Yeah, and I bet that those videos and pics(including graphic material) of the Holocaust were fake and that every Jew that "survived" this "holocaust" lie were just lying about their terrifying lives "death-camps" to give our "hero" Adolf a bad name, right?

Try convincing the Jews that suffered and survived the Holocaust of your "Hitler's innocent" theories. Pick up a fucking history book sometime, you delusional dumbass crackpot. Take note, everyone so that you may know why you should stay in school.

Always denying blatant historical facts for the sake of your conspiracy theories; Damn, I hate paranoid crackpots like you.

BTW, I'm not Jewish.
2012-04-02 22:16:16

Shlomo Scharfstein
Herr Hitler didn't want to kill people.
He didn't want to kill jews. That's a
sionist and soviet lie. Just allies felt
envy for the rise of Germany and
perpetrated a betrayed against a nation
whom wanted peace and forget war.
2012-03-08 19:49:25

@alex and louie, you clearly didn't read marx's books. socialism is has only one point, the "evolution of man". how do u do that, get the opposition out of the picture, like polpot's regime did. the soviet union is the true "socialism", they followed all of marx's teachings, and implemented social engineering. your clearly two are clearly misguided or you 2 are commi's who are propagating opposition to enduce more people into your cause.
2012-02-20 08:30:03

my dear alex hitler didnt kill enough orange and red scum thats the problem
2012-01-25 05:18:51

the way the media carrys on you would think hitler killed 62 million
2012-01-25 05:14:51

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