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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Brutality → The Russian butchers

Lenin, 1917-24: Lenin killed 4 million people - men, women and little children. He is the 5th greatest murderer of the 20th century (after Stalin, Mao, Hitler and Chiang Kai-shek).

Stalin, 1924-53: Stalin is perhaps the most evil human being that ever lived. Stalin killed 42 million people - men, women and little children. In all of history, only Mao could possibly have killed more.

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First of all Stalin Mao and Hitler were
NOT Socialists! far from it!...stalin
ran a totalitarianism state Mao the same
Hitler Fascism...

A Socialist country is a country that is
free of segregation free of racism and
free of upper classes

get your facts right please
2011-07-13 22:16:34

poor poor
poor hitler even like murderer comes last
2011-07-01 16:27:42

西方的宣传 (western propaganda) = no, it's fact. Read some uncensored books for once in your pathetic communist life.

毛泽东能和希特勒放在� �起比吗 (can mao be placed and compared together with Hitler)? = Yes, educate your mind and you will find out about his atrocities (great leap forward, cultural revolution etc). They deserve to be side by side.
2011-06-17 17:23:56

说毛泽东的 你他妈真鸡巴傻逼
2011-06-10 20:04:57

i gave handjobs to hitler and sucked his cock it was this size:
2011-05-26 23:20:27

stalin 30 mln
mao 20 mln
gitler 60 mln

it is picture fu ck
2011-04-02 15:17:39

Hitler is an angel compared to Stalin and American Imperialism. But the winner is USA. The US and British killed millions in their colonies and all other places they invaded:
Natives in Australia,
Indians in North America,
Civillians in Cuba,
Civillians in WWII Europe and Germany,
Civillians Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan..
USA = United States of Terrorism
2011-02-26 21:49:55

Why only 42 million? Why not 420 million? Or 42 billion? That would sound more awsome indeed.
2011-02-07 15:16:13

I blew every one of these guys
2011-01-22 08:22:35

I take cocks in my butthole
2011-01-22 08:22:01

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