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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Brutality → The Russian butchers

Lenin, 1917-24: Lenin killed 4 million people - men, women and little children. He is the 5th greatest murderer of the 20th century (after Stalin, Mao, Hitler and Chiang Kai-shek).

Stalin, 1924-53: Stalin is perhaps the most evil human being that ever lived. Stalin killed 42 million people - men, women and little children. In all of history, only Mao could possibly have killed more.

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I take cocks in my butthole
2011-01-22 08:22:01

AH alone can not be blamed for WW2. Also 6 million did not die in the holocaust, the actual number is 30000.
2011-01-19 21:53:06

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2011-01-17 11:20:49

西方的宣传,毛泽东能和希特勒放在 起比吗?
2011-01-15 08:42:06

omg...hitler has killed millions of communists
2011-01-11 21:17:20

When I say SIEG, you say HEIL:
2010-11-17 20:11:12

oh yea, and you're all stupid bitches, that belive in trash, like this fucking picture. Ha-ha
2010-11-08 22:40:40

Я лично расстрелял 90 000 000 человек у себя на даче, и еще где то около сотни засаливал на зиму в пятидесятилитровых бочках, а вы все гавно и мудаки. Fuck yeah.
2010-11-08 22:34:25

Stupid propaganda for Yanke-s.
2010-11-06 02:39:19

amerifats and their retarded propaganda... far more people have been killed by religous governments. The british raj killed roughly 1.8 billion indians over a 250 year period
2010-11-03 16:38:31

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