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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Executions → Serbian woman was hanged for espionage during WWI

This unhappy Serbian woman was hanged by German occupation troops in 1913.

You can see in the image how the soldier tied her legs together with a rope to make her suffering less from strangulation asphyxia during her brutal hanging.

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@borgyra WHAT ARE YOU ? your not right in the head mann. ur so dumbb. :/
2010-09-30 01:56:10

who says she was unhappy?maybe she realized she was a failure and wanted to hang and was happy to hang.
2010-09-24 07:32:47

hope she suffered greatly
2010-09-22 20:32:33

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Unglaublich! Das hätte ich absolut nicht für denkbar gehalten :)
2010-09-06 05:28:10

german never occupation serbia in ww I this is austro hungarian soldier
2010-09-01 17:37:20

Grundsätzlich betrachtet eine gute Story, ich bin mir aber unsicher, ob das dauerhaft machbar ist.
2010-08-28 20:01:22

The Austrians occupied serbian in WW1, not the Germans.
2010-07-08 21:48:36

Now just how do we know she was unhappy?
2010-05-18 00:18:18

Young MonEy
Thats the ustasha
2010-02-27 04:31:15

yes its very nice uniform:) austro-hungary soldier
2010-02-18 14:50:06

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