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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Executions → Serbian woman was hanged for espionage during WWI

This unhappy Serbian woman was hanged by German occupation troops in 1913.

You can see in the image how the soldier tied her legs together with a rope to make her suffering less from strangulation asphyxia during her brutal hanging.

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As with the previous day's photos, these soldiers are Austro-Hungarian, not German. You can tell by the uniforms (and the fact that they're apparently fighting Serbs).
2009-02-28 19:21:17

@grga - look up wit. Then halve it.
2009-02-21 18:17:51

grga, nazis is ww2, ww1 were something else,they had a kaiser leader, hitler was a chancelor diffmilitary name i think
2009-01-31 03:51:37

fucking nazis
2009-01-20 14:15:10

kgfysdet eytyui6u 465w214tum,nmlh
2009-01-13 21:46:07

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