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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Brutality → Snuff dismemberment

Young woman's hand was brutally cut off with a saw in a snuff movie episode.

Video: Download "snuff_dismemberment.wmv"

A snuff film, or snuff movie, depicts the actual killing of a human being perpetrated for the medium of film for the purpose of entertainment.

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@tr I agree. has stuff that
really is sickening. makes me ashamed to be a human
2012-10-07 00:34:24

2012-10-07 00:32:35

Of course snuff films exist. Go to and you'll see videos of just
how depraved humanity can be.
2012-06-28 22:48:07

Nah. Snuff movies do exist, but not with this stupid music and bad acting. If you see one you see real terror and desperation on the victim's faces.
2012-06-17 15:41:19

my step sister told me that her and her husband bought a supposed snuff film from a stranger on the street in new jersey one night for $50 and they took it home and started watching it,they said it was real,they were horrified and they burned it...
2012-06-10 08:25:34

of course its fake dont be so nieve
why is it so impossible to take a camera and kill some one while the camera is rolling what you dont thinki that the human animal is not able to perform such an act ha ha he
2012-04-23 05:50:08

Of course its fake
There has never been proof that a true
snuff film has ever existed. However in
the documentary named Snuff a guy says
he was approached to distribute one and
watched several minutes until he just couldn't stomach it any longer and declined the offer. Still no real proof
2012-04-04 10:09:18

Steven Spielberg
Absolutly FAKE!!! She could kick that
dwarf, but instead kept on her knees
2012-03-08 19:53:03

blood sucking freaks good movie for a troma film i liked the story line and yes the acting
2012-01-04 10:48:55

2012-01-01 03:30:59

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