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Friday, September 28, 2007

Brutality → Andrei Chikatilo... and remains of his victims (Set 4)

Andrei Chikatilo was a Russian serial killer, nicknamed "the Butcher of Rostov." He was convicted of the murder of 53 women and children between 1978 and 1990. He was executed by firing squad (shot in the back of the head) on February 14, 1994.

You can see here the exclusive and rare images of Chikatilo and remains of his victims. The female victim of Chikatilo (the victim's head with her nose cut off) on the last image was not identified till now.

Wiki Article: Andrei Chikatilo

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Константин поддерживаю вас
2013-08-31 14:16:39

Hey Rippy,

If you're a good boy, maybe he can cut your
mangina out and make you some mangina
2013-03-18 21:43:05

Glupi Ruski majmun mamu much jebem
2013-02-18 09:29:41
damn scarry sick looking fucklol bet his poor victims suffered like a motha&^%cker with that butcher!
2012-07-16 19:01:05

RIP Chikatilo you are truly an inspiration the way you
killed 52 women and children and cut out their vaginas
and ate them. goodnight sweet prince
2012-07-15 11:09:12

He's sick, i wonder how did such an evil
came to be, i mean, we are all humans,
but, is this something that is part of us?
is there a Chikatilo in everyone of us -
if so, i prefer it dead.
2012-04-21 09:34:09

Вы Дебильные американцы, которые говорят
хуйню редкостную, ничего не знаете - а
пиздите уроды. Тупорылые олени просто
.... Особенно те, кто восторгаются
Чикатилой , это аморально припиздки
..... ЛОХИ !!!!!!!!!!!
2012-03-13 19:38:47

that woman down the botom with the head i fucked a couger who looked just like her love that hair style
2012-01-09 05:31:27

patrick patmore
I have the 6 picture down tattooed on my
arm above the ice man
2012-01-05 09:17:47

Ms Strict
I have done lots of research in serial killers. Andrei Chikatilo was amazingly sick. At the send he had scream dont shoot me in the head Japan wants my brain.
or China

Yep that's pretty sick.
2011-11-08 02:02:36

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