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Thursday, August 9, 2007

WarWWII → Execution of Lepa Radic

Seventeen year old Lepa Radic was publicly hanged from the branch of a tree, in Bosanska Krupa in Bosnia in January 1943, for shooting at German soldiers.

She was made to stand on a large chest, her hands were tied behind her and she was noosed with a thin cord. The chest was pulled away leaving her suspended.

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This girl was hero, defending her people. She didn't want to betray her fellows and was executed by German army. So big war machinery wanted to conquer world was threatened by 17 years old girl who defended her country so much that they killed her. Shame!!!

It is shame that some of you write this filthy things about her and about people who lives in countries where former Yugoslavia used to be.

May Lord be merciful to all.
2012-11-25 13:28:13

2012-11-19 15:47:49

Aloha!shrp! wgphv pojlo
2012-11-19 15:47:48

to you sick animles..i hope your time among us is shorter then hers..lets see you and your on a rope
2012-11-04 09:40:25

War is a horrible excuse for treating fellow humans worse than sick animals. I hate this nasty business. One day, as you all grow older and wiser you will know that wickedness never wins, so learn from all these horrors and live your lives with love not hatred.
2012-10-16 21:00:09

Western european
You balkan people realy are the biggest filth of
europe.. All of you, bosnian, croats, serbs, all of
you ex yugoslavian... Filth.
2012-10-07 19:04:32

die serbo commo slut
your not so ((lepa)) now are you bitch.
2012-08-16 04:35:17

2012-08-05 20:12:12

Rape Her
I would like to force you to eat my steel caped boot you fucking dog.I would force you to eat your shit to mother fucker.the only reason i hate this girl is she is a communist serb dog shit.
2012-07-30 04:53:13

she was kind of cute
2012-07-24 14:16:09

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