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Thursday, August 9, 2007

WarWWII → Execution of Lepa Radic

Seventeen year old Lepa Radic was publicly hanged from the branch of a tree, in Bosanska Krupa in Bosnia in January 1943, for shooting at German soldiers.

She was made to stand on a large chest, her hands were tied behind her and she was noosed with a thin cord. The chest was pulled away leaving her suspended.

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Borgyra, did U have a small piece of shame?
2011-04-05 19:23:15

you gave them soldiers a nice dance didnt ya bitch.felt bad for shooting at them so you were happy to hang for your crime werent ya you wished they let you noose your own neck but you were happy to hang anyway
2011-03-21 02:10:11

i think it's so sad - on her place should be mothers of some commentators - jeriko& co
2011-02-10 23:48:42

I love to eat the poo poo from a gay mans ass
2011-01-19 08:43:20

She shouldnt have fucking shot at them then, fucking dumfuck
2011-01-17 14:07:00

Lepa, you should have emptied your bladder before hanging....we can see your trousers are wet !!!
2011-01-12 17:06:10

I think she has a bigger pair than a few of these dicks commenting here...anyone who thinks what the Nazis did was good will burn in hell with them
2011-01-05 04:48:35

I bet she pissed and shit herself as she strangled. Those pants must be full of it.
2010-12-16 18:59:20

Diese Frau war eine Heldin so wie viele andere Frauen und Männer auch die sich dem Terror- und Vernichtungsregime Nazi-Deutschlands entgegen stellten.

Mögen ihre Mörder, die Verbündeten und Mitläufer der Mörder in der Hölle schmorren !
2010-11-26 14:03:19

Einer aus Deutschland
They had no mercy, it was inhumane.
It must never happen again.
The comments of these idiots are no better.
2010-11-15 21:35:07

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