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Thursday, August 9, 2007

WarWWII → Execution of Lepa Radic

Seventeen year old Lepa Radic was publicly hanged from the branch of a tree, in Bosanska Krupa in Bosnia in January 1943, for shooting at German soldiers.

She was made to stand on a large chest, her hands were tied behind her and she was noosed with a thin cord. The chest was pulled away leaving her suspended.

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borgyra ur a sick fuck.....but i like it!!!!!!
2010-11-03 18:03:33

Ten points
She shot a German fuck, so she was a god
2010-09-24 16:16:27

man that pussy shouldn't have been wasted like that.
2010-09-01 05:17:54

thats how to hang them.let them strangle slowly so
they give a death dance to further their humiliation.
2010-05-25 14:46:18

fake photos. good job on most of them.
2010-03-02 07:49:00

she was a hero
2010-02-22 11:35:29

Fuck weak polish pussy
2010-01-14 21:16:16

Polish King Of Moscow
fuck nazis and soviet
2009-12-27 13:41:27

The sad part: most Nazi's escaped justice. ALL nazi party members should have been dealt with the same way. NAZI: National Asswipe Zone of Indecency
2009-12-16 01:40:49

who the fuck is lepa radicz
2009-12-14 14:56:06

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