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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Medical → Manar Maged... and her parasitic head (Set 1)

A nurse holds an Egyptian 10-month-old baby named Manar Maged with a parasitic head in a hospital in the city of Banha, 25 miles, north of Cairo (Egypt) (Feb., 2005).
Manar Maged of Egypt became the first baby to survive an operation to remove a parasitic head, but she died in March of 2006 of a persistent infection in her brain.

Manar Maged (March 30, 2004 - March 25, 2006) was an Egyptian girl, born with an extremely rare medical condition called craniopagus parasiticus (sometimes called "parasitic twin"): a type of conjoined twin where the twins are attached at the head and one fails to develop completely in the womb, becoming completely dependent upon the other.
On 19 February, 2005, Manar underwent a thirteen-hour operation in Benha, Egypt, to remove her twin. The operation was successful, and by 28 May she had recovered enough to go home. Her twin, who had been named Islaam, died on the operating table when the separation was carried out, and was buried by her family.
Manar died following a severe brain infection on March 25, 2006, 13 months after her successful operation.
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oh my :(
I wish other countries had more money. If they were in America Manar would still be here, I'm sure. It's so sad. I cried when Islaam passed. My prayers to the mother. I'm so sorry this happened. Your babies were beautiful.
2011-02-12 06:16:18

thats what u get for beating ur wife while shes preggo.
2011-02-01 15:34:07

Thats a real shame she died after the operation.
Just when everything seemed fine death
snatched her away. RIP Manar Maged. Probs the
toughest child to survive such an operation :(
2011-01-18 22:09:22

some of these comments are pretty damn hateful and someone needs to learn to spell.
2010-12-30 23:22:22

Too sick minds with a sick comment. Close this!
2010-12-14 16:35:12

This is such a sad story.
2010-11-16 04:13:33

sand niggers
bwahahahahaahahaha now g back to your turd world and die
2010-09-27 17:42:25

=( sniffles
2010-07-23 03:52:04

the girl is so is really sad that
such a cute kid has to die and sorry for
her twin what couldnt grow in the is just so sad.
2010-06-14 17:14:06

Ohhh I saw this on a tv show. Glad the little girl survived....glad the other head didnt...that would be a crappy-ass life...
2010-06-06 10:57:00

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