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Friday, December 14, 2007

Medical → Craniopagus... Lea and Tabea Block

Craniopagus is a type of conjoined twins joined by a portion of the skull, with distinctly separate necks and bodies. Separation is very risky since these twins can share parts of the brain, as well as blood circulation. Craniopagus twins are further classified by the portion of the skull which is shared: vertical craniopagus - joined at the top of the head with bodies at a 180-degree angle to one another; occipital craniopagus - joined at the back of the head; frontal craniopagus - joined at the forehead; parietal craniopagus - joined at the side of the head.

Lea Block (16 months old girl), was underwent surgery at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center on September 16, 2004 to separate her from her conjoined twin sister, Tabea.
Unfortunately, Tabea died of major complications associated with the separation surgery.
Here you can also see six softball-size bubbles (the tissue expanders, protruding from the shared scalp) on the head of the twins which were made by means of pumping sterile liquid subcutaneously for to get extra-skin befire surgery to cover the surgical skin defect.
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