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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Executions → Hanged Najibullah (former President of Afghanistan)

Mohammad Najibullah was the President of the communist Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. Propped up by the Soviets, Najibullah had ruled Afghanistan from 1986 to 1992 and was living in the UN compound in the north of the city.

"The Taliban had arrived in Kabul on 26 September 1996. Their first target was President Najibullah. They found him quickly. He was beaten, castrated, dragged behind a jeep and then shot. His brother, too, was killed and their battered bodies were hung from a post by a steel noose in the center of the city."

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"God bless you", good another 9/11 for you anti-communist american rats!
2012-10-11 07:48:25

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this trash is headed to a suburb near you!
God help your children's children!
2012-09-03 11:06:55

God bless you
Good another dead communist.
2012-07-30 05:01:42

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2012-07-19 03:26:49

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2012-02-01 10:48:35

2012-01-31 17:04:51

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2012-01-10 02:42:10

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2012-01-03 18:45:23

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2011-10-29 20:34:50

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